We are getting ready for the Garrison race and are expecting it to be a great one. Saturday’s race is the “Garrison” race and Sunday is the ” Make Up” race. These will be treated as 2 seperate races.

We are having 2 tracks, a “North” track and a “South” track, with two parking lots. Saturday we will be on the North track, please park East of the North track. Please stay off the South track until Sunday.

A Ice Shaving fee of $10 per racer/per race day will be applied.

Entrance onto the lake is across from the McDonalds and the SA gas station. Once on the lake you will go North (left) around the look out straight to the track. The link here is to the lake access:’s/@46.290689,-93.825894,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x52b1511612dbb659:0xc69f2e55f09c0691

We will have the awards banquet at the Y Club both nights. The Y Club is located at:,-93.824514,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x52b151e45ad1285b:0xa71add997dcd50cf

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What a GREAT day of racing by the KPI kids, each and everyone should be proud of how they raced. Once again mother nature was on our side and provide excellent weather with even better racing action.

Congratulations to the following on graduating out of the Amateur class:

  • Justice Gutting – Amateur Stock Kitty Cat
  • Dominic Sumption – Amateur Stock 120

Next up:

Garrison on Lake Mille Lacs with the awards banquet being held at the Y Club. Races will be on Saturday as well as Sunday. Each being counted as individual races, please register accordingly.


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We will be returning to Isanti, MN on Long Lake this Saturday for our weekend race. Racing will take place left of the boat landing with the awards banquet being held at Captains on Long Lake.

A $10 Ice Shaving Fee will be charged per racer.

Directions to the landing are listed here:,+Isanti,+MN+55040/@45.472681,-93.35057

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Northern Nationals

What a great, COLD event held last weekend in Virginia, MN by KC PRO East. The weather was the ultimate winner, but in the end Kids Pro Ice racers brought home some Northern Nationals Championship trophies.

Check out the results page to see the results of all the racers! Great job to all that attended and thanks for making it another great weekend of racing.

Congratulations to the following Northern Nationals Champions:

  • Peyton Moren
  • Conner McPhee
  • Laike Solomonson
  • Wyatt Moren
  • Logan Lundgren
  • Mason Wille
  • Ayden Christensen
  • Mason Beltrand
  • Emily McPhee
  • Ashten Christensen


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Center City / White Bear Lake Results & Photos

The results from the Center City and White Bear Lake are posted.

A link to the photo’s taken by DZ Photography at the White Bear Lake is also listed.  For those interested in purchasing photo’s, the shopping cart is now open on his site.

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DZ Photo Links

Here are the links to the pictures that DZ Photography took at the Center City race. Be sure to check them out, they are great!!!

Here’s the direct link to the Center City Gallery:

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Once again the racing at White Bear Lake was excellent. Thanks to all our sponsors and our host the White Bear Lake VFW. The weather was great and the racing was even better!! Congratulation to all that took part.

We had a few first time winners this week as well. Congratulation to the following:

  • Lousie Rose - Amateur Stock 120, Stock 120
  •  Justice Gutting – Amateur Stock Kitty Cat

A few kids also graduated this weekend as well! Congratulation to the following:

  •  Louise Rose – Amateur Stock 120
  • Charlie Engnes – Amateur Stock 120

Next up is the Northern Nationals in Virginia, MN. Good luck to those going there as well as those going to the State Championships in WI.

Race results to follow.

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We are all set for this Saturdays race in White Bear Lake, MN.  We are racing in front of the VFW, which is also our host for the awards.

Follow the link for directions to the VFW.  Access onto the lake is on the North side of the VFW.,+White+Bear+Lake,+MN+55110/@45.0771346,-93.0163044,170m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x52b2d0dbd70e9791:0xd75ae9a0c732f663


  • The 2015 KPI group photo is Saturday! All racers please come to the drivers meeting ready for pictures.
  • KPI clothing order forms due February 7th.

With the extra time needed for the photo, please help install the fencing and signs as we need to start on time this weekend.  A few items have came up over the last two races that are worth mentioning:

  • The use of taillights and Warm-Up stands (3 sided) – We are getting better at this, but let’s start to see more use of taillights and warm-up stands.
  • Staging for heats – Please be staged and ready for your heat as the heat before you is at the starting line.
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With the season at the midway point, here are some important dates to remember:

  • NORTHERN NATIONALS is February 14-15 – Registration closes February 6th at NOON
  • WHITE BEAR LAKE – We are taking the group photo / Please have your kids bib on and helmets off for the drivers meeting, as the picture will be right after it.
  • CLOTHING – Order forms are due February 7th. Please turn in to Amy Beltrand
  • MAKE UP RACE – In Garisson March 1st. This will be a double header weekend. It will be scored as 2 different races
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What a great race day at the Celebration of the Lakes!! The weather was great and so was the action! We had many first time winners which always makes it exciting.

A few things that we need to do throughout the day to keep it moving, so we finish before sunset:

  • More help with signs and fences in the morning, please help out putting them up
  • Please be staged and ready for your heats/classes

Race results to be posted soon. Next up…. White Bear Lake.

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