The Outlaw Grass Drags once again was a great success! The weather was great and between people visiting the booth to the participants at the Drags and Wood Chip Oval it was a great turnout.

Thanks to those that stopped at the booth to learn about KPI and to the kids that participated in the races. The Drags showed a great turnout of 37 kids and the Wood Chip Oval had 15! Again thanks to those that came out and we hope to see you on the ice this winter!

Thanks to the KPI families of Solomonson’s, Betterman’s, Beltrand’s, McPhee’s, Gannott’s, Christenson’s, and Hoger’s.

IMG_1675 IMG_1676

Next up: Sno Barons HayDays Grass Drags, September 12-13th!

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Outlaw Grass Drags is coming up this weekend!

Be sure to stop by the Kids Pro Ice booth to learn more about youth Ice Oval Racing.

Kids Pro Ice will also be running the Kids Drag Racing and the Wood Chip Oval!

Be sure to check out the Outlaw Grass Drag website at http://outlawgrassdrags.com/ for more information.

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Be sure to check these videos out of our very own KPI racers! Thanks to Phil Lee at Lee Editorial for making the trip up from Texas to shoot these awesome videos!

Check out his website at www.kidzinmotionsports.com to see more videos of kids in other sports.

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The Grantsburg Watercross was a great weekend. The KPI booth was visited by a lot of people and it peeked a lot of peoples interest in kids ice oval racing!

Thank you to all that stopped by to chat and learn about Kids Pro Ice, I hope to see you all this winter at the race track! If you have question or want to talk more, please visit the contact section for our contact information.

Thanks to all the past and present members that stopped by to talk and help out at the booth, there were way to many to list them all!

Next up, Outlaw Grass Drags in Princeton, MN on August 28th and 29th. More info to come in the next few days, so be sure to check back.

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Grantsburg watercross is here!. Stop by the KPI booth to see what Kids Ice Oval racing is all about.

Each day we will be having an autograph session in the afternoon, so make sure to stop in and see your favorite KPI racer!

Check out http://grantsburgwatercross.com/ for the complete weekend schedule!

Hope to see you there!!

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What a great day of recycling trophies! Thanks to all that donated previously and the day of the event. Thanks to the Solomonson’s for allowing us to turn their driveway into a trophy metropolis for all the locals to see and stop in and ask questions.

Thanks to the Solomonson’s, Moren’s, McPhee’s, Spletz’s and Christensen’s for spending the day dismantling, organizing, boxing and eventually hauling to storage an awesome amount of trophies! We have multiple weeks ready to go and room to store more.

If anyone is interested in donating trophies please contact us.

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We will be gathering to assemble recycled trophy’s for the upcoming season on June 27th. The day will include sorting, selecting, dismantling, and boxing of the recycled trophy’s. Please E-Mail Kent Christensen @ dtr2939@gmail.com if you plan to attend so we can organize the potluck. We will be doing this at Jon Solomonson’s house. Directions below;


Come and enjoy the day or stop in for a bit and see what your fellow racers have been up too since the season ended!.

If you or anyone you know of has trophies they would like to donate please contact Kent Christensen @ 715-225-0604.

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As the summer nears I hope all is well with the KPI families! Listed below is a list of the summer events as well as some reminders/info.

Anyone interested in being part of the following committees please contact Kent Christensen @ 715-225-0604 by Sunday 5-24-15. Once we have the list of people the date and location will be set.

  • Finance Committee
  • Bylaw Committee
  • Parade Committee

Below is the list of summer events with dates and times:

  • Recycled Trophy Day: 6-13-15 @ 10:00 AM (TENTATIVE)
  • Grantsburg Watercross: July 17-18-19
  • Outlaw Grass Drags: August  28-29
  • Haydays: September 11-12-13

Enjoy the summer and we look forward to seeing you at some or all of the summer events!


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The 2015 Kids Pro Ice banquet was a lot of fun and a HUGE success!! This is one of our biggest fundraisers and I have never seen so many raffle items to choose from, THANK YOU to all that made it happen. From the banquet committee, to the raffle items and the activities for the kids the day was a great success!

Congratulations to the elected 2015-2016 Board Members:

Head Tech: Don Lundgren

Kitty Cat Techs: Jim Gannott, Darrin Gutting

120 Techs: Travis Betterman, Sam Christenson

Head Scorekeeper: Deb Moren

Assistant Track Director: Dan Sumption

Here are the links to the 2015 banquet photos. Families can download and use these images however you like (share on the web, make prints, etc.)

Here’s a link to the gallery where families can view and download individual images:
Here’s a direct link to download ALL of the images (35 images, 152 MB) at once:
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The 2015 KPI Season Banquet is this Saturday April 18th in Elk River, MN.

Directions can be found here at this link https://www.google.com/maps/place/Holiday+Inn+Minneapolis+Nw-Elk+River/@45.2844815,-93.7108318,11z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x52b3690b266c301d:0x2d827eaa8026b52f

The days schedule will be as follows:

Check In: 10:00

Elections/Meeting: 11:00

Lunch Buffet: 12:00

Awards: 2:00

This banquet is a huge fundraiser for our group and a great time to socialize. Rumor has it that there is a lot of raffle items this year coming in from local businesses by our members!! You still have time to reach out to them and see what they can offer as a donation to KPI!

We are having a airbrush artist that will be airbrushing on hats and t-shirts this year. We did this a few years back and it was a huge hit, so come prepared!

There will be no KPI sponsored potluck on Saturday evening due to hotel policy, please plan accordingly.


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