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Register for Race Day

All racers are required to have a ISR # for this season. Follow the link get your child's ISR number.  You will need to print the receipt as you will not get a hard card. Once you have the ISR number please e-mail it to Jill Graven for race day record-keeping.

Enrolling in Series Tracker

  1. Click on the ‘Begin Registration’ link above.  This will open a new browser window.

  2. You will have to sign up each driver (child) separately and create a unique user name and password.  You will only need to do this step once per child for the season.  Click on ‘Click Here to Sign Up’.  Use your child's first name followed by their bib number (ex ‘Skylar7’) as the user name and complete the rest of the information.  Click ‘Continue’ and complete the racers information.  Required fields are marked with an asterisk.  Click ‘Save’.  Repeat the process for other children.  You may need to close the window and click the ‘Begin Registration’ button again.  A password for each user name will be immediately emailed to you.

  3. Enter User Name and Password of the newly recreated account.  There are links on the next screen to edit your personal information.  To register, click on ‘Sno Oval’ and click ‘Register’.  Under ‘Race Dates’, select the race to register.   Click in the box under ‘Enter’ to register for each class.  You will need to pick a brand and enter the bib number.  You also must review the waiver release and click the corresponding box.  When complete, click the ‘Register’ button at the bottom.

  4. Enter payment information.  This is required

  5. Confirm registration.

  6. Repeat steps 3 and 5 for your other racers.

    Registration Fees

    Race fees are $15 per class for one-day races if registration is completed online.  Online registration closes at 11pm Central time on the Thursday prior to the race.  Race fees are $20 per class if registration is not completed online. 


    Non-members (non-first time racers) are required to purchase a $15 weekend membership to compete.

    First time racers can compete for free, but must have an ISR number that can be purchased at

    Online Registration Closing Time

    Online registration closes at 11pm Central time on the Thursday prior to the race.  Registration is available on the morning of the race but higher race fees will be charged.  Race day registration is highly discouraged as it puts a significant additional burden on those running registration.

    Refund Policy

    Race registration charges will be refunded in full up until the close of registration on race day.  No refunds will be given once registration has closed.  Registration is considered ‘closed’ at 8:30am on race day.

    Additional Questions?

    If you are having difficulties or have questions regarding registration,

    contact Garijo Miller.

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