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Our Story

Kids Pro Ice Racing is a non-profit youth ice racing association based in the Twin Cities region.  We have over 30 active families who teach kids safe driving and racing practices as well as good sportsmanship and friendship.

We offer fourteen racing classes from Amateur Kitty Cat and 120 to the “Big Guns” Formula 1, Champ 120 and Junior Novice.  Our racers range from 4 to 16 years of age and we are well known for producing some of the finest racers in ORA, USSA, and the TLR cup series.

Our season begins at the end of December and runs through early March.  We take pride in how well our families get along and share race and tech tips as well as watch out for each others little racers on race day.  This is a great way to spend Minnesota and Wisconsin winters as a family!

Getting started is easy.  We have race-ready sleds available to those with serious interest, so you can try before committing.  If you have a 120 or Kitty Cat yard snowmobile, we will show you how to prepare it for safe racing.  Other race-ready snowmobiles are usually available to purchase from past members.

If you are interested, send an email via the Contact Tab

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